Starting Your IT Support Mission

Help when you need it isn’t a tough sell. But differentiating your business through IT is a challenge since it’s an industry standard.  Despite the easy sell, delivering end user support comes with a lot of challenges and high costs for providers.

Let’s say you want to give your customers in-house IT support from scratch.

To start, you need hiring, management, and infrastructure.

More specifically, you need to:

  • Hire IT support staff
  • Train IT support staff
  • Schedule IT support staff
  • Equip IT support Staff

Sounds doable until you start to do the math on providing support. It looks something like this:



Even if you only consider the cost of hiring and paying your staff, the basic cost is steep for any new or growing business.


How do you differentiate your support when the cost of most options is so high?

Some businesses have turned to help desk outsourcing; another provider runs your helpdesk at a flat rate and you don’t have to setup your own hiring, management, and infrastructure. This can solve the problem at a basic level, if the problem is just having a support resource in place.

Aside from the fees, this model doesn’t support the goal of providing support on your terms, for your problems, for your customers. You lose opportunities to closely track customers’ problems and guarantee they’re being handled in a way that reflects your business. Now you face a cost and quality control issue.

Good business comes from good relationships and they’re an important part of what makes your business different.


We built a solution that lets you be different.archiveservice

Together, we can make 24/7, customizable, flexible support the industry standard for you and your customers.

Concierge is our 24/7 full-service, white-labeled IT help desk, delivered at a per user rate. We put your quality control front and center by answering as your business and creating tickets for every call and email so that you can follow up as needed.

Below, we’ve broken down the Concierge plans based on the kind of support you are looking to offer.


24/7 FAQ Support – a.k.a. THE ROCKET                                                                       Time for your new IT Support mission to take off!

“I’ve got my basic FAQ and a method for how I handle IT requests. I’m looking to level-up to 24/7 end user support so I can focus on other areas of my business.”


  • Dedicated phone number and email for your customers’ end users
  • Support ticket creation for every call and email interaction
  • Business intelligence reports detailing the most common support calls
  • Fully customizable Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) library


24/7 Office 365 Support – a.k.a. THE SATELLITE                                                  Your IT support is in orbit, versatile and always available with data and resources to offer.

“As we’ve grown, our support requests have been getting more complicated. I’m looking for 24/7 support and more technical resources for software and cloud services.”


  • Everything in 24/7 FAQ support, plus…
  • Remote Desktop support for troubleshooting Office 365 issues.
  • Support for end user How-To questions on Office 365 desktop and mobile applications
  • Support for administrative activities like password resets, adding Distribution lists, setting permissions etc.
  • Microsoft Office 365 certified support representatives
  • Triage directly to Microsoft for product-specific issues


24/7 Desktop and Mobile Support – a.k.a. THE SPACE STATION                    Highly equipped and highly technical, your IT support can solve the most diverse range of problems across both software and hardware.

“My customers have a diverse range of products and technical questions regarding their computers, mobile devices, software and cloud services. We’re seeing high demand for 24/7 support across these platforms.”


  • Everything in 24/7 FAQ and Office 365 Support plus…
  • 24/7 end user support for everything on their Desktop or mobile devices (Windows and Mac / iPhone, Android, and Windows phone)
  • Peripheral device troubleshooting (printers, scanners etc)
  • Spyware/ Antivirus support
  • Network connectivity issues
  • Software Application installation
  • Hardware troubleshooting

Build a better solution!

Providing excellent support isn’t rocket science. Read our list of top Office 365 support issues or learn more about Concerige!

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