The Perfect Pair: Azure Everywhere and FREE HealthCheck for Azure

healthcheckA big challenge partners face when selling Azure isn’t showing customers its value — it’s demonstrating their unique opportunities and why they matter right now.

Microsoft gives partners funding to run Azure Everywhere workshops where they can show customers how to transition workloads and produce consumption plans for their businesses.

The critical step to a successful Azure Everywhere workshop is giving customers the data they need and explaining what it means for their business.

BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure transforms Azure Everywhere workshops by giving partners the data they need to illustrate true ROI and helping customers who are paralyzed by the unknowns.

HealthCheck for Azure can also create “what-if” scenarios with the corresponding workload migrations and consumption, showing customers their options and enabling partners to submit consumption plans at the end of the workshop.

We have great news for Azure Everywhere providers: Microsoft is offering FREE BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure licenses with every Azure Everywhere workshop!

Pair your Azure Everywhere workshops with HealthCheck for Azure assessments to:

Assess usage of workloads to calculate a true ROI

  • Generate a detailed report for each workload capturing CPU, network, storage capacity and IOPS requirements.
  • Show right-sized savings by finding the lowest cost SKU in Azure that meets the 90th percentile needs of the workload.

Build a capacity migration that addresses

  • Application dependencies in customers’ infrastructure.
  • Compatible workloads to run in Azure.
  • Shadow IT and other security risks.
  • Identifying migration settings and firewall rules.

HealthCheck for Azure will help you increase customer lifetime value!

By  demonstrating an understanding of customers’ IT infrastructure, you can build custom solutions now for managed services later on.

Interested in using HealthCheck for Azure in your workshops?

Partners who qualify to perform the Azure Everywhere workshops for US customers automatically qualify for free HealthCheck for Azure licenses! Complete the intake form here!

If you perform Azure Everywhere workshops for customers based outside of the US with over 100 VMs, funding may be available for HealthCheck for Azure licenses! Contact

Now that you have the resources to run an assessment powered by HealthCheck for Azure, check out our Azure Starter Kit to get your Azure sales up and running!

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