Office 365 Clutter in Your Mailbox

One of the features that we have been waiting for in Office 365 is the clutter function. It will help you to streamline information in your inbox that you do not consider to be “important” but it is not to be marked as spam or junk emails.

This feature will you allow you to remove the less important or unimportant mails from your inbox and remove -hence the name- clutter.

How does it work?

By default the clutter function is off. You need to activate it first.

Go to your Office 365 Settings > Options

Office 365 options screenshot

Go to Clutter

office 365 clutter screenshot

Activate clutter and click on save

activate clutter screenshot

When it is activated you will receive a confirmation email and you will also see a Clutter folder in your folder list.

mark as clutter screenshot

Since this is a feature you will probably ending a lot you might add this folder to you favorites. Now is time to learn the clutter feature what emails we consider to be clutter and which ones are not.

Adding a mail to clutter

Right click on a mail and click on Mark as clutter.

mark as clutter screenshot

This mail will be moved into the clutter folder and the clutter engine will learn what mail you think is clutter. After a while the engine will be able to predict and -hopefully- successful fill the folder with those emails you consider to be less or not important.

Removing clutter

As in every system you will have false positives so there is an un-clutter button as well. Go into the clutter folder and use the un-clutter button next to the delete button.

Mark clutter screenshotcluster screenshot

Clutter is a functionality that is only available so far in Office 365. Another reason why you might want to consider or choose migrating to Office 365. BitTitan MigrationWiz can help you with a easy and headache free migration.​


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