Video: Why MSPs Automate Service Delivery

The service delivery of a business will define the interaction between the company and the client. The company offers a service and the client either finds value in the service or value is lost as a result of the interaction. A good service delivery system will always increase the value in the mind of the client or customer.

As your company grows, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to fully handle the process of service delivery on a personal level and still ensure that value is created in every case. As your list of clients grows, so will the scope of your service delivery. However, the importance of it will never change.

“Automation is going to help us bring the cost of delivery down for our customer. And it’s going to help us scale.”

Once the scope of a company grows to a certain level, automation will be helpful. Not just that, but it will often be necessary to keep service delivery running smoothly. It’s not only important for time management, but will also largely affect the cost of the service delivery. Cost and time are obviously important for every aspect of a company and for the customer as well.

“Automation is going to help us bring the cost of delivery down for our customer,” says Brendon Ford of Provoke Solutions. “And it’s going to help us scale.”

This is one of the many reasons why automated service delivery will become crucial for any successful service provider. Automation in service delivery will also help your company create more stable, predictable business models and help companies know what to expect.

“Automation of our business is going to help us become a more predictable business,” says Charles Lalieu of Business Connexion Group.

Predictability is important for any growing company, particularly in IT industries and for service providers. However, it can positively affect so many other areas outside of these aspects as well.

“For service delivery, automation affects all of our business,” says Mark Alexander of ISC.

It is also the way of the future, and the most modern service providers look for every possible advantage to stay ahead of the curve.

“We’ve realized that in this day and age, the old processes are not going to work anymore,” continues Lalieu.

Keeping up with any new advantage is key for any modern service provider to grow and reach the number of clients they want. Automated service delivery will allow your company to continue its growth while ensuring that value is built through every interaction.

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