Meet the New It’s a Lot Like Us!

If our corporate website were sentient and had a mantra, perhaps it would be “change is good.”

Okay, may not be alive in the sense that it breathes, but heaven knows we’ve reared it with great care at every step of its redesign, such that we got more than just a little emotional releasing it into the wild. Through its evolution, the new site has gained some of our favorite human attributes, transforming the Beast into quite a Beauty—beyond sheer appearances, of course!

aboutus is fun and lighthearted, just like us!
We wanted our corporate website to reflect the things about us that make BitTitan so unique. We work hard, but we know how to have a good time. We are lighthearted and don’t always take ourselves seriously; often we adopt a tongue-in-cheek tone. You’ll see this many places.

Our new site also reflects the amazing talent at our company because it was designed, built and written 100% in-house, echoing one of our most important values—collaboration. Even the photography was sourced from within. In fact, every background photo was taken by a BitTitan employee, surrounding Seattle or Singapore where we have our main offices.

whaletail is helpful—some may even say generous—in it what it offers.
We designed each page to give visitors the information they need in a succinct fashion. For example, the MSPComplete section introduces the platform, and then guides you through the customer lifecycle—sell, onboard, service—explaining the relevant products that accompany each aspect of the journey.

We’ve also introduced an entirely new, comprehensive resources section. Here you’ll find downloadable goodies in up to 7 localized languages right at your fingertips. From datasheets and videos to press announcements, you can keep up with BitTitan solutions and become a trusted IT service know-it-all.

Speaking of knowing it all, we also launched our sister news site, This “all cloud, all the time” behemoth will erupt hot news on the regular, including less serious content to keep it fun and fresh. She’s sure to become your personal Old Faithful and one-stop shop for the latest and greatest to help transform your IT business into a cloud empire.

Finally, is just so darn pretty.
We know looks aren’t everything; hence we’ve saved this for last. Speaking to the design aesthetics, the new site reflects a bolder, brighter and more modern look for BitTitan. As much as we loved our old website, it was time for a fresh look that showcases our corporate style steeped in our lighthearted attitude.

We hope you love what you see!

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Spencer Czapiewski

Spencer Czapiewski is a senior staff writer for ModernMSP. A Seattle native with a passion for writing and marketing, he loves putting narrative and lightheartedness into his technology content.

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