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We’re all about helping our partners #KickSomeAzure!

A big step to help customers understand the value of Azure is to run an assessment. Over the next three weeks, we’ll feature three of the best lessons we’ve learned about preparing and delivering assessments that make customers ready for the move to Azure. Today, we’re talking about getting the assessment conversation started.

TIP #1: Get Talking: Explain the opportunities and benefits of running an assessment!

It’s really easy to tell someone why something is great but it’s harder to prove it’s great for them.

In the case of Azure, this happens for a number of reasons. Some customers believe that they don’t need what Azure offers or that it doesn’t add to or surpass what they have. Others are focused on the possible costs of the switch during and after migration.  In many cases, there are just so many unknowns about this opportunity that it doesn’t seem all that golden.

The conversation will quickly become a stalemate if you can’t successfully explain how Azure plays a part in:

  • How customers’ business goals align with Azure
  • Long-term cost management
  • Security from internal and external threats
  • Disaster readiness
  • Hybrid solutions

For customers considering the move, it’s critical to take the time to illustrate how Azure can excel at running a more efficient business, streamlining costs, improving existing security, and safeguarding data. Even customers who aren’t ready to make a decision about Azure can benefit from an assessment, including conversations around their current and long-term infrastructure needs.

Once you explain the value of “why” you can introduce the “how.”

In this case, explaining “how” means taking the time to make sure that customers understand how a HealthCheck for Azure assessment provides information critical for both a successful migration and the health of their infrastructure.

It also means addressing:

  • How HealthCheck for Azure works
  • What data HealthCheck for Azure collects
  • The relationship between an assessment and security
  • The value of using an assessment to right-size costs
  • How an assessment can help them evaluate priorities
  • How an assessment solves unknowns (migration planning, Azure costs, and vulnerabilities)

Use your expertise to have meaningful conversations!

Review the steps of the entire assessment process with customers and identify the challenges and values at each step.

By giving your customers every opportunity to ask questions, your answers and recommendations will help position you as their trusted advisor.

And remember—an assessment is a window of opportunity for new business, with or without an immediate move to Azure.

When you build trust, you build business.

ksa_resources_assessguide_640x256That’s why we’re creating as many resources as possible to help you run excellent workshops and effective assessments. Check out our new Azure Assessment Workshop Guide for more tips and strategy.

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