The Help Desk Dilemma: To Outsource or Not?

Do We Build It Ourselves?

We recently posted about building better IT help desk solutions.

It’s a decision worth considering from a number of angles. Cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment, and quality control are major factors when examining the option to outsource any business function.

IT support is a common crossroad for the decision of whether or not to outsource. It’s a decision that’s equal parts necessary and delicate for both the company and the end user.

Outsourced IT can solve the problem of support at the most basic level: giving customers someone to call when they need help—at any time they need it.

It’s logical for MSPs and offers a lot for customers…

Businesses don’t outsource support for show; they outsource so they can focus on what they do best and still provide high-touch, always-on help whenever their customers need it.

Providing affordable, quality support helps you begin a series of positive chain reactions.

  • Differentiate your business → Attract new customers
  • Deepen customer relationships → Maximize customer lifetime value
  • Find upsell & cross-sell opportunities → Build recurring revenue
  • Strategically manage resources → Focus on growth


…But when support falls short, it defeats the purpose.

A lot of help desk-for-hire pricing models are not designed with growing businesses in mind. They often include initial setup fees, minimum monthly fees, and hourly fees—all for a service you have very limited control over.

An outsourced IT technician isn’t familiar with your clients the way you are. If relationships help drive long-term success, isn’t there something to be said for accepting the cost element of IT support for the sake of quality service and trust? We certainly think so.

Good relationships mean good business.growth
Great support is a key ingredient.


But are there help desk services and products that help MSPs grow without compromising their values or operations?


What should you look for in the perfect solution?

  • Per user, per month pricing. Skip minimum requirements and setup fees, while you’re at it.
  • Different levels of support. Align your help desk offering to your specific needs.
  • Infinite scalability. Increase your support as you grow; it only makes sense.
  • Ticketing system. Stay informed of common issues and all case resolutions.
  • Customizable FAQ’s. Implement your own troubleshooting process.
  • US-based English support: Have easier conversations on support calls.
  • Upsell/cross-sell: Leverage support to increase business opportunities as you solve end user problems.


You’ll find it all with Concierge: a 24/7 full-service, white-labeled IT support solution for your customers.

Even better, your quality control and business are front and center in every step of the process. We answer as your business, follow your messaging and custom FAQ library to solve issues, and create tickets for every call and email so that you can follow up as needed.

See what it takes to staff a 24/7 help desk… or learn more about Concierge.

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