The Five Most Common Office 365 Help Desk Tickets

We’ve previously written about some of the common types of requests received through Concierge, our IT help desk service-as-a-service. What we didn’t do was rank them based on how often these problems arise.

Think of it this way: here are recurring problems you could be outsourcing, instead of spending valuable time solving.

There are plenty of benefits to outsourcing your IT help desk, and depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers as to why it’s so valuable. Executives may say they want to focus more time on growing the business, while the support technicians (or whoever plays the role of IT support) would be thrilled to no longer deal with “simple” end user questions that don’t provide challenges or growth in their roles.

I mean no disrespect to the technologically challenged, but let’s be honest: a lot of help desk requests are just annoying.

Take this real-life example, which I found in one of the many IT help desk threads on Reddit (where honest and often hilarious experiences are shared alongside plenty of memes):

A woman called the help desk because she couldn’t get a spreadsheet copied onto her work computer from her home computer. Using her wireless mouse, she right-clicked and selected “copy” while at home, then brought her mouse into the office to “paste” the spreadsheet onto her work computer. See the problem? The best part was that she didn’t even bring the wireless receiver.

concierge_largeIf the thought of that support ticket gives you a headache, Concierge may be for you.

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Now let’s look at the most common Office 365 support tickets submitted through Concierge, backed by actual customer data and ranked by our very own data scientist, Hanna.

  1. Outlook. Outlook issues account for more than a quarter of total Concierge tickets. Common struggles include a variety of error messages and difficulties using the web app.
  2. File access. The next most common type of issues relate to file access. Most of these stem from SharePoint or OneDrive, but we’ve seen occasional problems with the File Explorer, too.
  3. Passwords or logins. Lots of password resets. How much fun do you have resetting passwords for end users?
  4. Emails. Sometimes they’re floating in cyberspace between “sent” and “received.” Sometimes they seem to have disappeared from inboxes altogether.
  5. New employee onboarding. New hires need all kinds of permissions turned on. Let’s hope you’re notified with plenty of time.

In addition to Office 365 issues, Concierge can support your desktop and mobile needs. An FAQ library can be tailored to your unique offerings, addressing all the products, services, and hardware that you sell today. Customization makes your IT help desk as powerful and valuable as you want it to be.

What are you waiting for?

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