Video: Delivering Automation to Customers

It’s time that we start working with the robots. Well, kind of. Really, it’s time to mix people and automated processes together to make everyone and everything more productive. Automation of certain processes will help streamline the work for businesses. By increasing automated processes, people may be afraid that their job will become obsolete, but if done correctly, automation can be a great asset to any company that works with a managed services provider.

By the automation of simple tasks, you’re able to focus your attention on the work in front you. That means no longer wasting time on simple things when you could be focusing your energy on the more complex.

“Our view is that automation, when appropriate, should be given to the users of the environment and not held back,” says Julian Dyer of Cobweb Solutions, Ltd. in the video above. By MSPs letting employees have control over the simple tasks that can be automated, it not only frees up these employees’ time, but also frees up time for the MSP as well.

According to Enrique Castrellon of New Signature, “If we’re able to execute a solution for our clients that’s automated, not only does it reduce the client’s costs through that managed services agreement, but it assists us in helping many more people simultaneously.” This means that the MSP doesn’t just help their other customers, but they can give more attention to more important things at your company as well.

These Cloud-based solutions are an important step for IT innovation. They will allow both IT leaders and business leaders to both apply and control repeatable activities anywhere and at anytime. This takes a lot of the manual work out of the equation to be able to get things done faster and easier than before.

It’s going to take some work as businesses aren’t quite sure how to mix these processes together with their staff. As Matt Ryrie of Betach Solutions, Inc. said, “The big problem that we’re facing, I think a lot of companies are facing, is weaving the business processes, the actual human beings, into the process.”

It’s going to take some convincing and education of business leaders going forward to this new way of thinking, but a key in moving forward is by letting them know that it will increase their bottom line.

Mark Pierce of New Signature stated it simply, “We could go ahead and automate simple tasks as a workflow and bring automation to hand for our customers. These types of workflows have really reduced the cost and the complexity of that manual process that they used to do and the cloud helps that.”

Saving money will always be attractive to businesses and these automated processes will help them do just that.

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