A Day in the Life at BitTitan, Part 2

“If we make our culture a priority, we can attract top talent that is passionate about what they do, and passionate about working at BitTitan.”


Darci Lee, our Director of Talent and Culture wrote this when we shared A Day in the Life at BitTitan, Part I, about our lead software design engineer Jason Ross.

Our products and community wouldn’t be the same without the personalities, talents, humor, and individual leadership of many different team members, so we’d like to introduce you to someone else.

Meet Hanna


She’s a high school lacrosse coach, role model, and novice pool player. She’s a BitTitan Data Scientist who uses her background in math to uncover insights that help us build more powerful solutions for our customers.

We work hard to build a community filled with people we can have fun learning with and from. Hanna is no exception and her life is full of lessons we think are worth sharing.

Live your values


“I think it’s really fun to lead through your example and lead through your life.”


We talk a lot about fun here but it means more than having a good time. For Hanna, it means having fun with who you are, what you bring to the table, enjoying pushing yourself and sharing your strengths with others.

Get Stuff Done


“With data and machine learning… you can spend your time working smarter.”

It sounds easy enough, but Hannah knows that the method matters. From big things to little things, there are opportunities to do things more intelligently, effectively, and powerfully. Her role as a Data Scientist helps us do that every day and teaches us to see how we deliver, differently.

Choices matter


“It’s cool to think that girls look up to me and see me as ‘oh, that’s something I could be. She has an interest in math and she enjoys tech things.’”


For Hannah, supporting women in tech is just as much about actively participating in opportunities to get more people involved as it is about understanding the value of being herself and owning her choices.

Want to learn more about BitTitan?

Great! We’re looking to hire smart, talented, driven people. Get stuff done at a company that’s growing fast? Join us!

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