Cut Onboarding Timelines to Office 365 by 80 Percent

At BitTitan, we’re on a constant quest to help our partners increase revenue and grow their businesses. In continuing this trend, we’ve developed a way for you to reduce the cost of automating migration and onboarding projects to Office 365.


With UserActivation, partners can automate the entire onboarding process to Office 365 for SMB projects.

UserActvation’s simple step-by-step wizard guides you through the configuration process and gathers all the relevant project details and administrative access to the necessary platforms, and then, the real magic happens – UserActivation’s powerful automation processes takes over, and complete the onboarding process for you.


UserActivation will create the Office 365 tenant account and assign your POR, create all user accounts, distribution lists, and aliases. It will automatically add your domain and make all DNS changes, migrate mailbox data, and automatically configure Outlook to connect to Office 365. Based on decades of combined industry experience, UserActivation is designed to be the fastest and most reliable way to move your customers to Office 365 with the least amount of effort, and will ensure zero data loss and zero downtime throughout the entire process. With UserActivation, partners can spend just four hours on a project that would’ve taken 40+ hours using manual processes. 


BitTitan partners can now get UserActivation for $19.99 per license, marked down from its original price of $30. To learn more about special partner promotions, we recommend watching our new partner webinar.

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