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Todd Hussey
CEO, CBSExcellence
Todd Hussey is a 20 year tech-startup veteran specializing in the Managed Services Provider and Cloud Solutions Provider businesses. His success includes two IPOs and five acquisitions, growing these businesses from $0-100m+ in 30+ countries. Today, he provides a cloud business readiness SaaS platform and builds content and services for cloud/MSP tech vendors to dramatically improve their channel partner business.
MSP Marketing Like Chefs Market Cloud

How To Market Cloud Biz Like A Chef!

Have you ever watched the TV show “Restaurant Impossible” with chef Robert Irvine? I’m addicted to it. Robert is a world-famous chef and restaurateur....

Why Modern MSPs Must Think and Act Like SaaS ISVs: Three Reasons

Does a modern MSP have to think like a SaaS ISV? Modern MSPs are almost never SaaS ISVs! How does/must a SaaS ISV think? Gotta...
North America

Are North America Channel Partners Getting in the Cloud?

I’ve been thinking of writing this blog now for a while, but wondering: “Am I going to ruffle any feathers?” Well, maybe I’m in...
great chefsvideo

Video: Why MSPs Must Become Great Chefs

Had enough food yet this holiday season? As a toast to the holidays, we've resurrected a great article on cloud margins from the ModernMSP...
cloud margins

Cloud Margins: Why Modern MSPs Must Become Chefs

Follow my logic here. A close friend of mine, Bob, is a chef/partner at a very successful chain of three fairly high-end restaurants. He has...

Fueling Your ModernMSP Sales Funnel

Most ModernMSPs would probably say that, after customer satisfaction, customer acquisition is their #1 priority. If your business is going to scale efficiently, you...
content marketing

A Competitive Edge: Content Marketing for the ModernMSP

Content Marketing is one of the hot topics that has become part of the language of inbound marketing. It’s essentially a process of using...
inbound marketing

How’s Your Pipeline? 7 Ways to Rock Inbound Marketing

So you're a Modern MSP that just created some new cloud bundles that provide business-outcomes to your clients. Congratulations! All of that hard work...
buyer's journey

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

You’ve transformed your on-prem IT solutions to the cloud. You’ve transformed your product-focused business to a recurring revenue services model. But there’s one thing...
msp strategy

A Two-Step MSP Strategy for Managed Services Growth

If you’re like most IT Solutions Providers, you’ve been reading and hearing about the variations of cloud business models. They include the Managed Services...
Cost of Customer Acquisition

A Graphical Look at the ModernMSP “Cost of Customer Acquisition”

In a previous post, we provided a primer for the ModernMSP on the Cost of Customer Acquisition, or COC (often referred to as COA by executives and...
Customer Acquisition

Winning New Business: Understanding Cost of Customer Acquisition

As businesspeople, we are all familiar with the age-old concept that acquiring new customers is many times more expensive than retaining existing customers (by...