IT Services Horror Stories… Are You Scared Yet?

Happy Halloween! Or is it?

punkin horror storiesWe share a lot of success stories here. We love to focus on new ideas that help MSPs and bring them to life.

But great ideas solve problems and we’ve heard a lot of scary stories that pointed us to problems faced by the IT community.

Instead of Trick or Treat we’re going to share the ones that shook us most.

Grab a blanket, check on your server, change your passwords, and backup your data!

All names have been changed to protect and respect the identities of the victims.


It was supposed to be a normal job. Migrations aren’t a big deal when you do them hundreds of times and John only needed 20 mailboxes migrated. Easy enough.

With such a small number of migrations, this was work that could be done closer to the weekend. So, John handled this the way any MSP would. He let the client continue their business and once they had closed up shop, settled in for what he figured would be a routine migration and some easy success.

It’s not that things went wrong after going right for a while; they were never right in the first place.

The first attempted migration failed. “Sh*t luck,” he thought, but whether it was him or the client, he just had to figure out why the mailbox wasn’t migrating and he’d be on his way.

Soon enough, he realized that importing outlook PST files that was causing the problem. But John couldn’t get past that.

Over and over again, migrations failed. In his effort to solve the problem, John missed the warning signs. Red eyes, dehydration, incoherent speech. Voices gave him troubleshooting suggestions…

witchFive hours later, then ten. The next time he looked away from the screen, it had been 16 hours.

He misunderstood the time, not noticing AM or PM. He though it had only been four hours, so he kept going. John had fallen victim to migration madness. He couldn’t eat, sleep, or leave until the project was over. He just couldn’t.

40 hours later, the voices stopped. The work was done. Coming to his senses, he called the client and let them know their mailboxes were ready.

The client – with no understanding of John’s brush with madnesspaid him $200.

This story scared us so much, we were motivated to develop a cure for migration madness. With dedicated teams and former survivors, we built MigrationWiz.



It had been a long day. David was used to long days, though. As an engineer, he couldn’t remember his last, truly short work day. There’s no such thing as “done” in engineering.

Today was particularly rough though. Not only were new projects coming in, but he was swamped managing the last crop of bugs that had come up. His team had worked tirelessly, so he sent them home. He figured he’d use the quiet to get everything sorted so that there would be a fresh plan in the morning.

This wasn’t the first time he was the last guy in the office but tonight felt longer than usual. Turns out, he was right.

A couple of hours in – long after close of business – the office phone rang. David looked up, annoyed. The ringing stopped, and he went back to work. Less than a minute later, the phone rand again. This time, he answered it.

“Hello, this is David from ***** IT solutions.”

“Hi. Yeah. Nothing comes up when I type names into Outlook and you guys just migrated us…”

David listened, confused. Why was this guy working? Why call now? Doesn’t someone else deal with this? He tried to listen to the problem while figuring out who was responsible for this.

He realized his team would deal with this. He didn’t talk to the customer directly when it happened. They just solved problems as they have them. Most customers called during the day, though…

“Hello?! Are you going to be able to fix this?!”

David tried to reason with the customer, explaining he could solve it but that they should take this request in the morning. The customer was less than pleased. Within five minutes, David was on his laptop troubleshooting. When he finally solved the problem and tried to say goodbye, the customer interrupted with another question. David tried to put the phone down, but his hand was stuck. He was trapped in the Support Zone. Hours passed and David answered questions until the sun rose and the spell broke.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, “I have to return to other projects now.”

battyHe waited for a response, but the caller was gone.

We decided no engineer should fear the Support Zone again. As a defense, we built Concierge, a white label 24/7 Help Desk for end-users at a per-user, per month rate.

We hope you never face these IT horrors and have a Happy Halloween!

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